There he goes…

April 14, 2009

It’s been awhile since I’ve encountered a song that made me stop and think “WTF-ola?”.  As I recall it was back when I had the pleasure of hearing Hilary Duff butcher Depeshe Mode while enjoying a little last.fm during my work day.  That was a gruesome afternoon for sure.

Fast-forward a few weeks and I’m driving on a Sunday evening.  Usually I’m tuned to AM talk radio — I’m just that much of a party animal — but I happened to be listening to a top 40 station.  A song comes on that I’ve never heard before (due to my aforementioned obsession with AM stations) and it’s a throw back to a song I remember from earlier in the decade.  I’m racking my brain trying to think of the name but trust me, it reminds me of it.  It’s jumpy, mastered, mixed and the lyrics are kinda silly.  A little annoying but I’m drawn in and end up listening to the end to hear that it’s sung by Jamie Foxx.  My second “WTF-ola?” moment.  I’ve decided that I hate the song for no other reason than I can.  Problem is…I can’ t stop singing the f*cking thing!  It’s like a virus that’s gotten into my head and I find myself humming it while I go to the bathroom, check my email at the office, give my kids a bath, drift off to sleep at night.  Seriously.  This thing is S.T.U.C.K.  And for this reason I’ve now decided that I like it.

Fast-forward to this evening.  My blogging ritual begins with opening many tabs in Mozilla so that I can research facts and find links to share with you all about the things I have on my mind.  So, I Google this song and find the video on YouTube, of course.  I swear you can find just about anything on YouTube if you look hard enough.  Don’t believe me?  Do a search on “man taking a shit”.  Go on, I dare you.  See?  I’m nothing if not honest.  Anyway, so I end up finding this video and since I always want to make sure I’m providing my readers with the highest quality the web has to offer, I preview it.  Shit!  Now I like it EVEN MORE than I did before!  Why?  While I won’t give everything away before you click the link and see for yourself I will foreshadow:

Opie  |  Pulp Fiction |  Smokin’ hot gay cowboy  |  Lyrics that include the word “butt”  |  Oh-so-awesome monochromatic color scheme

>> Enjoy! <<



  1. I could have gone the rest of my entire life without hearing that C.R.A.P.P.Y song. Thanks for that, webiegal.

    • But that’s the beauty of it Nat. You may think you hate it now but give it a few days to ooose in and you will be craving it. It’s kinda like a-a-a-a-a-alcohol that way.

  2. I think Jamie Foxx is a douche!

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