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Damn it Jimbo…

May 1, 2009

I’m desperately trying to find a way that I no longer will require getting at least 5 hours of sleep in order to function.  I sit in my office all day thinking about all of the great things I want to blog about that night — then night comes, and I’m flat on my face in bed crying like a baby to “get off the ride”.  Seriously.  I need more hours in the day people!

I’ve decided that this blog belongs to me.  Selfish?  Yes.  Necessary?  Absolutely.  You see, I no longer care whether or not everything I post is “funny”, I just want it to be honest.  Life sucks balls at times and it’s ok to admit that.  I can’t always put on a fake smile and blog nonsense in order to hide the crazy.  I am crazy.  All-hanging-out-there crazy.  Ask my work neighbor Nick.  He’ll tell you.  No less than 9 times per day does he find me laughing out loud at nothing…or something.  I’m sure he would rather just not ask but he’s always polite enough to try and make me feel less crazy by validating my outbursts.  “Always cracking yourself up over there…”  He really is a great neighbor.  I feel sorry for him being stuck next to me.

I can’t promise that I’ll be able to keep up the pace I had in the beginning.  Let’s be honest…a shiny new blog is a lot like a sexy new lover, you can’t wait to get home and put your hands all over them all night long.  Who cares about sleep when you’re high on endorphins?  No me.  But, like the bazillion guys I slept with before marriage (ok, not a bazillion but you get the point) my passion ran out quickly.  Not for expressing myself or making you all smile but the skimping on much needed sleep in order to function part of my passion.  I’ve looked in the mirror lately and I need a few extra doses of beauty sleep.