Engine room, where the hell’s my drink…

August 3, 2009
Sarcasm sounds a lot like orgasm - coincidence?

Sarcasm sounds a lot like orgasm - coincidence?

I’ve been cheating on all of you.

I’ve been a lazy-sack-of-slutty skank.

I’ve been tweeting.

That’s right – just like the dude you go out with on a third date hoping to have a long, steamy night of lovin’ only to find out he’s good for just about 7 minutes before drooling in your hair for 8 hours – I’ve been doing the deed in 140 characters or less.  While the break has been nice, I think it’s time to form full sentences again.  Time to type a complete thought without the use of abbreviations.   Time to stop relying on my outrageous hashtags and flex my funny-as-f*ck muscles again.  Time to tell all the 7 people who visit my blog how much I’ve missed them.

I figure if ABC can bring “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge” to America – I sure-as-shit can bring my brand of humor and honesty (with a splash of perversion) back to WordPress.  Since it’s been a while, I’m going to ease you all back in slowly.  I won’t rant and rage on tonight about work or assholes who steal your parking spots or things you might need a tube of Vagisil for.  Nope.  I’m going to spend this evening reflecting on what made this blog so much fun for all of us in the beginning.  It was just me, my keyboard and my thoughts.  Honest-always thoughts.

As you will find out in the coming days, nothing has changed.


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