Boy am I Georged…

August 14, 2009

The rare "spotted cougar".

The rare "spotted cougar".

Friday, August 14 7:47AM
Coming back to the office after the fail that was Thursday was tough this morning.  If I didn’t have well over 100 unread emails sitting in my box steaming like stank-piles-of-poo I certainly would have stayed in bed with an extra dose of Robin Meade this morning.

Friday, August 14 9:21AM
My first (of about 6 dozen) meetings is well underway and already I’ve found myself using the term “clarity” far too many times to not be somewhat embarrassed.  Am I an alcoholic or a designer?  These days it’s damn hard to tell.  Both crafts require the use of colorful language and torn clothing.

Friday, August 14 10:09AM
Nothing like an email of “where you at?” buzzing the CrackBerry while I’m busting my busting-out-of-my-jeans ass up 4 flights of stairs to my next meeting of the day.  Perhaps if I had had more “clarity” in the first one, I wouldn’t have been running late to this one.  Eh, who really gives a f*ck if I’m there or not – no one person is that important.

Friday, August 14 11:58AM
The marathon day of meetings continue.  The word “debacle” is being used quite often which compels me to yell out “clarity” in the middle of the meeting.  Just want to make sure everyone knows I’m here and have a voice.

Friday, August 14 12:43PM
The f*cking “debacle” meeting ran 13 minutes over schedule which now means I only have 17 minutes to snarf down my Lean Pocket and pretzel twists before my next adventure-in-somewhat-peaceful-assembly begins.  Great.  Nothing like having a big ‘ol ripe gas bubble begging to make a squeaky exit in front of a room full of people I hardly know.  Seriously, this makes a full month I’ve now been part of this meeting and I still don’t know half the people let alone what in the hell they do.  That’s ok, it’s not like any one person is that important.  I’m sure it doesn’t matter anyway.

Friday, August 14 1:40PM
For the love of all that is good and holy — GET ME OUT OF THIS MEETING!  (I’ve got to fart S.T.A.T.)

Friday, August 14 2:01PM

Just realized I have a newly added meeting on my calendar for 3PM.  WTF is up with today??  Seriously people — no one person is that important.

Friday, August 14 2:59PM
Just got stopped on my way to my next meeting when it’s requested that I meet with someone after I’m done.  Is this a joke?  I’m not finding it very funny.  Today just might be the day that I finally test the strength of so-called “hurricane proof glass” and throw my chair at the window in the hopes of making a quick (albeit, dramatic and undoubtedly fatal) escape from 14th floor hell.

Friday, August 14 3:33PM
The universe saved the best for last.  Wait until I tell you all what my last “impromtu” meeting was all about.

And wait you will have to.  This news is so big – and so slap me in my face exciting – but I just can’t share it with the world…yet.  What I can tell you, and hopefully ward off any potential rumors, is:

– No one is getting fired
– There is no scandle involved
– While this upcoming event isn’t earth-shattering, it’s a pretty darn big deal to a meare Webie Gal like me

I suppose I’m pulling a little Aaron Spelling on you all and leaving you with a bit of a cliffhanger.  Don’t worry.  Unlike Melrose Place I won’t be having sex with every man in my office by next Monday night’s episode.  Too bad.


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  1. I’m on the edge of my seat here… :)

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