Just a fancy butt…

August 18, 2009

I really wanted to take a picture of something to post up here tonight on my way home, but, since the kids were in the back seat and most people frown upon someone stopping in their lane without warning – I didn’t.  Then I thought about walking up to the main road to take the picture tonight to share here on the blog, but, since our dog decided to tear into the garbage and shit in not one but TWO rooms of the house after consuming said garbage – I didn’t.  I would plan to take the picture tomorrow morning on my way into the office, but, it most likely will be 5AM and the marquee sign will probably not be lit.  What does all this mean you ask??  Simple.  I’m overworked, under stress and too lazy to walk less then a mile.

Turns out my shitty life and lazy ways are your funny gain.  Since I’m obviously not going to go to any effort to take the picture myself, I resorted to performing my favorite verb in the English language: I Googled it.  I know, I know…technically “Googled” isn’t a verb (yet) but I use it so damn much that I think it should be.  Hell – if Dr. Phil can use phrases like “You go poop in the potty and we’ll go see Nemo!” than I certainly have every right to Google things.  *I just spent 16 minutes scouring the internet looking for that sound-bite of Dr. Phil.  For all of you who might have wondered just how dedicated I am to my craft here at Webie World – that should answer it.

I digress.

Come and get me big boy...

Come and get me big boy...

The Taco Bell (or, Toxic Hell as dubbed by my hubs) near my house has a simple call-out on their marquee: Volcano Box.  As I drove by and read those words, all sorts of images came to my mind of just what might constitute a “Volcano Box”.  The words were so simple, so clean, so enticing.  But all I could think about was something along the lines of….let’s just say I had to make myself not go there and post a link to the YouTube video.  Knowing I’m not the only one out there who is thinking what I’m thinking – enjoy trying to remember the greasy-sleaze-bag guy’s name when you search for the clip.

I’ll give you a hint: it’s Brandon Davis.


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