There are those who call me…Tim…

August 20, 2009

Today was one of those cosmic f*ck-you events where anything and everything seemed to go wrong.  ‘Wrong’ in the sense that shit was busted up and people were foaming like rabid dogs as the afternoon dragged on.  There was a bright spot though – free donuts.  3 dozen of them from none other than “Dunkin’ Death”.  But, since I’m the only person on the planet who instantly gets heartburn with just a whiff of their deep-fried goodness, I was kind enough to offer my share to a co-worker.

Approximately 7 hours later, this fancy guy showed up on the scene:

*Like the return of spring after the long, dark winter – The Rican Suave has once again blessed us with his humor.  While most people would savor each delectable bite of this waterfall-glazed delight, he chose to give it 2 eyes and a “Mr. Bill’esk-perma OH-NO!” pie hole.  I was informed, however, that the bow tie and top hat were provided by outside sources.  Almost an A+ Javi.  Almost.


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