You licked and you put…

August 25, 2009

I’m always one to help others.  Ask anyone who knows me in person and they will tell you – “Kelsey is always helping others.” One such example of this happened last Friday morning.  After I nearly drown in the toilet from an unbeknown-to-me broken toilet seat mishap in the ladies room, I decided to warn the next innocent female of “stall number second from the left” in the hopes that an innocent ass could be spared the humiliation of dunking cheek in a half-flushed crapper.

I left a hand-written note:

This morning, I noticed the note was still hanging up and the seat was still out to kill someone.  I guess one is required to send an awkward “um, the toilet seat is busted in the ladies room…” email to someone in some “we fix the shitters” department in order to have such things repaired.  No one sent me that memo – so – the seat has yet to be repaired.  It was kinda annoying to me until around 5:13PM this evening when I went into the bathroom to rinse out my cup.  Yes, that is correct.  I am far too lazy to trot my plus-sized self down to the break nook (I call it a “nook” since nothing that small and rub-your-butt-against-mine would ever qualify as a “room”) and clean my cup out in the sink so I make the shortest trip and duck into the bathroom to do the deed.  What?  I use hot water…it’s clean.

Anywho, when I went in – I noticed an addition to my Sharpie Marker warning:

Apparently I’m not the only one who has no f*ing idea how to go about getting this seat repaired or replaced.  At least a co-worker took the extra few minutes and printed out all the information that should be required by the non-existent “shitter fixers” so the job can be done quickly, efficiently and at a far lower cost versus buying the product at Lowe’s.


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