That’s telekinesis Kyle…

August 28, 2009

I get such a kick out of knowing I can inspire others to find, document and share funny things.  My oh-so-awesomely-aware work neighbor emailed me this tasty nugget first thing this morning from his “archived for your funny pleasure” collection:


I thought it was fitting to share with you all tonight considering it’s been a year since Mrs. Lipstick was unleashed on a then unknowing population of the lower 48.  As much as I hate all the fan-fair that surround most anniversaries – I couldn’t pass this opportunity up.  There are so many things that make this funny find certified Webie World gold, I’m almost foaming at the mouth just thinking about where to start.

For one, the monikers of “Mac & Momma” are knock-it-outta-the-park classic.  While my neighbor giggled saying he couldn’t ever recall Mrs. Lipstick being referred to as “Momma”, I struggled more with trying to connect “Mac”.  Here I was all day thinking I was on it (doggoneit) when I so boldly exclaimed: “Mac must have to do with Maverick”.  Yep.  I thought I had it all figured out.  And why wouldn’t I believe that?  I am the chick who was smart enough to bring my laptop to jury duty, remember?  Ask the pretty blond – she does.  Leave it to my beloved hubs to come into the room, take one look at the picture, and tell me how “Mac” is short for “McCain”.  F*ck.  I really am an idiot – just realized 14 hours later.

Eh…so what.  My being dumber than a rack of staple guns doesn’t take away from the fact that using Microsoft Paint to cut out “Mac & Cheese’s” head and shoulders is freakin’ funny.  Being a graphic professional, I’ve gotta give it to the artist who crafted such clean lines and straight angles.  No easy feat…especially when you’re hungover from a caribou hunting trip.

Of course we must call out the clever rhyme.  I don’t know about you but all it takes for me is a well crafted slogan to shift my vote in another direction.  Who knows what might have happened if this little arts-and-crafts-hour gem would have been mass produced.  We could be sitting here tonight watching YouTube videos of “Mac and the defibrillator” and “the wild adventures of moose hunting Momma” as opposed to boring health care debates on C-Span.

Lastly, there is the placement of this homemade wonder on the back of the car.  It’s not on the lowly, plastic bumper – oh NO!  It’s stuck smack-dab-center of the trunk lid below the keyhole where everyone can get a good look-see.  I’m going to refrain from making any snide remarks about still having it proudly displayed nearly 10 months after Electoral College defeat based solely on the fact that anyone who reads this that knows me in person has seen the “O Crap!” bumper incident cover that I still sport today would call me out.  Never mind that mine was professionally manufactured and actually does double duty covering up the large hole I acquired while not at all intoxicated — fair is fair.  So, instead, I will end by asking our artist of the hour to please pay $4.95 for a quick run through the car wash.  Do it for “Momma”.

*Thank you to my now infamous work neighbor Nick for snapping this pic and sharing it with a friend.  I feel obligated to add that he did so with the verbal disclaimer of “not that this is any kind of political statement on my part one way or the other…”.  That’s ok.  I got nothin’ but love for you, man.  Sharing humor transcends all party lines.


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