Let’s be honest…

August 30, 2009

I’m always telling people how I wish I took more pictures.  I really do love photography and find the art of capturing a moment, a feeling, an object, to be fascinating.  No matter if you are inclined to “artistic-ness” or not – you can usually spot a great composition when you see one.  Being a hard working, short on “me time”, full-time wife and mom…I don’t get the opportunity to go out into the world and snap away at will.  But, like the Gatorade ads of today say: No Excuses.

In the D.B.K (days before kids) I used to be very particular about my car – it had to be clean and it HAD to be clean.  I know, I know…those of you who know me in person and have seen my desk at work are saying to yourselves “Kelsey clean?  Shocking!” [in your best and snarkiest sarcastic tone, no doubt].  Call it what you will, I simply can’t function in dysfunction.  My hubs usually has the opposite approach when it comes to living life.  He just lives it.  Balls hanging out, toenail clippings on the floor, not-at-all-rinsed dishes in the sink, lives it.  And while I can admire that about him – I’d always prefer he tried to do things my way when borrowing my car.  Add his “style” a couple of kids under the age of 4 and lunchtime on the go and what do you get?


In my younger years I might have flown off the handle (again, you all are saying to yourselves “Kelsey freak out? Shocking!” [and your sarcastic tones are improving]) but as I age and become more mellow, I find myself taking something gross and inexcusable and making it into art.  I plan to call this one “Clippies With a Fry On Top” and make it the first in my upcoming series of “A Bug’s Eye View” world of photography.

*Javi, if you’re out there reading this (and of course you are), I know you’re proud.


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