Mercury is in retrograde…

September 8, 2009

I’m going to open this entry with a caution: I’m kinda drunk.  A little, anyway.  You see – I was given this movie to watch tonight by a friend (I guess I can call him ‘friend’) and I was worried I just wouldn’t enjoy it as much if I was stone sober.  I dunno…there’s just so much pressure when someone recommends a movie for you to see.  There’s all this assumption that you will find it humorous and tell them all about how great it was in the morning.

Wow.  Flashback to my college days.

Anyway, the movie was fine.  Of course I found it amusing – wine or not.  And I thank my [friend] for being generous enough to let me borrow it for the night.  It will be returned in the morning with only slightly more scratches than it had 24 hours ago.  (Hey, I’m drunk.  What the hell do you want from me??)

All kidding aside…

Remember “The Grill to Nowhere” from a few months back?  It was inspired by my sisters almost-always-drunk neighbor who found it most-logical to drag is grill out into the middle of the side yard one day and leave it there permanently as a form of suburban yard art.  I really haven’t spent much time over there this summer so when the hubs and I had to stop by to get something out of the storage shed, you could imagine how delighted I was to find this:

It's like a smoking Buddha.

Ahhh Danielson - It's like a smoking Buddha.

*It is nice to see that they have made a conscience effort to mow UNDER the grill this summer instead of allowing the grass to grow up around the legs like ivy.  Not that I don’t appreciate fine art – I just don’t appreciate the depletion of property value by the thousands…that’s all.  I can only imagine that the carefully placed folding lawn chair sees many hours of sweaty ass while all-beef franks meet there untimely char at the hands of “I like mine dirty” martini man.  Grill on zen master.  Grill on.


One comment

  1. Oh yes, life has zipping along in cruise control over here this summer without a mere change to be had. If I didn’t see your pink eye infected kid myself, one would think that you were avoiding playing at my house this summer just because of the offensive grill to nowhere. At least my suspicions have been put to rest.

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