Send in the clowns…

September 16, 2009

All my talk of “pushing the red button” kept taking me back to a simpler time* in my life.  Well, simple for some reasons and would-never-want-to-go-back-there-again for others.  Those of you who have been around these posts a while no doubt will remember this little photo confession.  For those of you who have seen that before, I apologize for putting you through it again.  For those of you who just saw that for the first time, I apologize for putting you through that.  But I think it’s important to be brutally honest with you all.  I’m not always pretty – or nice – or clean – or sane.  But, let’s be honest…who is?

YOU LIE! [Rebuke me.  It was totally worth it.]

So…back to the button.  Ever since I first punched that time-stamped rambling thought into my BlackBerry note pad in the back of the ‘death cab’, I haven’t been able to get this damn song out of my head.  Just the visual of pushing the button and having to hand off that duty to someone else for the big moment – it all culminated in my mind into this totally awesome 80’s music video.


*Simpler times circa 1986 include:
Still feeling guiltless after eating a jumbo-sized TCBY white chocolate mouse with extra peanut butter cups because you were young and dumb enough to believe that it truly was “better for you” than ice cream.

Pre-cell or smart-phone: a land where when you left the office for the night — you left the office for the night.

Gigando-sized shoulder pads were all the rage and totally made your hips look smaller (too bad this fad died out before my really fat days began).

The internet, Perez Hilton and reality television didn’t exist and we all felt better about ourselves because of it.


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