I’ll show you my flair…

September 19, 2009

The non-stop rain we’ve been living in down here in the south gives me the perfect excuse to be a little moody (I know, I know…like a need an excuse) so I’m taking the opportunity to remind everyone what is courteous and what is not.

Let’s start with what is.

Leaving the parking spaces closest to the building open for people who just might have small children in toe is.  I can honestly say that when I’m flying solo – I park in the back of a lot.  It’s not like my chunky-fanny couldn’t use a little extra toning anyway.  Walking through the parking lot is a pretty easy way to burn a couple extra calories.  It’s also considered courteous to not block entrances and walkways that are clearly marked “No Parking” or “Drop Off Only”.  Others around you enjoy having the ability to get into and out of places (whether solo or not) without having to pull a Bo Duke in order to gain entry to a building.

Let me show you what is not.


Apparently this ass-clown (yep, it was a guy) believes that it’s not only his right to park as close to the building as he feels is necessary – but he also pays no attention to walkways.  I just so happened to be walking through the opening you notice now completely blocked by his coupe-de-graw when he was pulling into the alcove.  I stopped, and waited for him to pass through.  Waited.for.him.to.pass.through.  Uummmm…ok then.  Guess I’ll just squeeze my cheeks around your hood then.  No worries.  It’s all good.  I’m just walking here.  In the walkway.  WALKWAY.

*I will tell you that while I do not park in these spaces – I have no issues with people who chose to take “Expectant Mother” parking even when it’s obvious they are hardly expecting.  Unless you count expecting-to-have-a-heart-attack-from-excessive-alcohol-and-fried-food-consumption as “expecting”.  In that case, those posted signs take on a whole new meaning.



  1. I can’t stand drivers like this. And there are a lot of them. It’s like they have an unrealistic idea of their own self-importance.

  2. By the way, one way to lose cool points with me is to reference Bo Duke and then link to someone OTHER THAN John Schneider (who is the only real Bo Duke).

    I am a Dukes fan from way back. Age 3. This is a subject near and dear, lol.

    • [hangs head in shame] Honestly, I was more worried about not finding a clip of Bo doing his famous “hood slide” than I was using the movie version of the show. Do I at least gain some points back for not showing a clip featuring Jessica Simpson? I mean — Daisy Duke a BLOND?? What the hell ever.

  3. I love a good complaint and this is a doozy. And you even used my new favorite word – “Assclown.”

    Very well done!


  4. Next time I will try to park in a parking spot. I was feeling very important at the time and felt the need to make my presence known.

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