Go find yourself a spin cycle…

September 21, 2009
Your damn right it is.

You're damn right it is.

The cosmos love me*.  They always have.  No matter what’s going on in my life, I’ve always felt their warm rays shining down upon me.  Yes my webie friends – I am blessed.

Today began my first day of what I’ve dubbed ‘stay-cation’ for the first time in years.  Seriously YEARS.  As most of you already know (since you read this blog as often as you pick up your copy of Twilight before drifting off to dream about boys young enough to land you in jail) I’m somewhat of a workaholic.  It’s really hard for me to let go and just be home with nothing work-related to do.  This makes me irritable and restless and looking for something to keep me striving – achieving – reaching higher. [queue Gloria Estefan music]

So, I do what any *normal* mental-person would do.  I clean.

While I was head first into a tub filled with a half-inch of water during an electrical storm this afternoon, I realized to myself – I just might fulfill that life-long dread of being nominated for a Darwin Award.  (Too bad for my kids that I’ve already given birth to them.  The genes live on even after the stupid dies.)  If I don’t win, I’ll be sure to grab the mic and let everyone know how awesome I thought this video was.  Seriously…you all know you couldn’t take your eyes off her legs.  It’s ok to admit it.

*This little gem arrived in my mailbox on my birthday last week.  Why would that solidify my belief in how much the cosmos love me, you ask?  Simple.  Anyone who has ever had the pleasure (or pain – sometimes they really are the same) of sitting near me in life has no doubt heard my schpeel about wanting a maid more than diamonds.  Having this arrive on my birthday was like a big-wet slap across my ever-more-brown-spotting face.  A reminder that I didn’t get any diamonds, and, I still don’t have a maid.



  1. Yeah, I’m thinking that video wasn’t the best video of this generation. Wasn’t that along the lines of Kanye’s claim?

  2. I would take a maid over diamonds any day. What a teaser that mailing must have been. And on your birthday, too.

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