Makes me feel fine…

September 24, 2009
Don't shit on me, bird.

Don't shit on me, bird.

I’ve been on ‘stay-cation’ this week from work and you know what I’ve realized?  I’m miserable.  Somewhere in the last few years of becoming a wife – then mom – then mom again – and having a demanding full-time job, I’ve completely forgotten how to relax and just ‘be’.  Save yourselves the energy and skip sending me that email about how sad all of this is…I already know.

And — wrote myself an email:

Webie Gal,

You’ve let me down (once again).  Oh how I’ve looked up to you all this time.  I really thought you had it all together.  That you understood life and what was important.  That you knew the value in spending quality time with yourself and those you love.  I guess I was wrong.

When did you become this person?  How did it happen?  Don’t you even see it?  Everything that you are focusing all your energy on isn’t real.  Your family is.  You are.  Let’s be honest…nothing in life is guaranteed.  But, I can guarantee you that if you continue to live your life this way – you will end up losing everything that should be most important to you.  And once you do, it will be too late to get it back.  What does that leave you?  Miserable.

Please pull it together WG.  Take today to go out and smell some flowers.  Even if you end up getting stung by another psychotic-hell-bent-on-spreading-pain-and-fear bee, at least you’ll know that you’re out there — living life.

I’m pulling for you Kelsey (we all are),




  1. From one workaholic to another, I offer the mantra that i recite whenever i find myself getting bogged down in the less important things:

    “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”
    — Annie Dillard

  2. Welcome to the true journey, Kels. Just don’t get so caught up in trying to find the “answers” that you forget to enjoy the journey! Peace, kiddo …

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