She’s the one…

October 4, 2009

Really want to learn something about yourself without spending thousands of bucks laying on some couch in therapy?  Easy.  Keep a journal that goes into every no-one-will-ever-know-about-this detail and put it away for 10 years.  Then, have a large glass of Trader Joe’s Shiraz after taking a hot shower and happen upon it on the top shelf of the master bath the linen closet.  Make the decision to half-pluck your eyebrows* and use the time you’ve saved on sitting down to read what you wrote.  Amazing.

Even though the journal doesn’t date back to the time when I used to sit at home on snowy winter afternoons and watch this movie dreaming of one day having an ass that didn’t hang over the tops of my thighs, reading the zest for life and drama that I packed into a little over a hundred pages made me start signing this song.  I always believed I was someone special and it was only a matter of time before other people clued into the secret.  Call me disillusioned but we only get one spin around in life and I still want to make the most of it — joy, tears, or what-have-you.  Reading those pages only reinforced that.

Look out Monday – here I come!

*Sitting here now I realize that skimping on my normal eyebrow-plucking-time was probably a smart move considering I don’t want to have to draw them onto my face for the next few weeks while waiting for them to grow back in.  Slightly buzzed plucking is not recommended.


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