Oooh, my rock polisher…

October 5, 2009

Being a creative thinker means I enjoy surrounding myself with people who find things in life that non-creative thinkers don’t often see.  My friend Sara is one of those people.  Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while now might recall back in the spring when I featured one of her awesome subway-not-so-subway encounters for my “Open Season” entry.  Ahhh yes.  The day Sara nearly died in the name of public gawking.  When you see art in everything, it’s hard to keep your eyes (or cell phone camera) to yourself.

In case you don’t make it a habit to check out my recommended reading on the Blogroll (And if you don’t, why the hell aren’t you?  It’s good stuff – hand picked for your humorous pleasure and served up fresh to order almost every night.) you might not have happened upon Sara’s latest oh-so-grotesque creation, Crimes Against Furniture.  If you ordered a straight-up hideous love seat with a side of smells-like-ass chair…this is the blog for you.  Not only does she take you on a magical journey through some of the worst industrial design creations in modern history, she does so with humor and grace.  It’s ok if you so happen to have a Sumo Wrestler coffee table – to each his own and to all it’s funny!

I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Sara for keeping me laughing just about daily and giving me inspiration in my home decorating ideas.  Also, for giving me the opportunity to post a clip from FRIENDS and have it be relevant to the topic.  Something about the way Chandler says “Sit Magazine…” with his expanding eyes is pure comedic genius.

A Crime Against Furniture:


One comment

  1. i love rachel’s face when she says “angels.”

    an alternative clip that would also be relevant would be the one where they’re moving ross’s sofa and he’s yelling “PIVOT!”

    i love that one so much. it’s a great tension breaker. next time it’s too quiet at the office yell out “PIVOT!”

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