On the dock of the bay…

November 4, 2009

6-Degrees of FRIENDS: Day 1

Turns out my little “experiment” about whether or not I really would be able to put-my-fanny-where-your-mouth is and link an event in my day back to a specific FRIENDS episode was a success.  At 1PM ET I was offered a leftover sandwich during a staff meeting.  Free food is something I don’t take lightly and once the score is made – no one better mess with my find.  As a coworker leaned over in a half-funny attempt to snag my sandwich, a classic Ross moment immediately came to mind and I couldn’t help but blurt out “MY SANDWICH!?” right there at the meeting table.  Go ahead and sigh out loud at my stupidness in the office space…I don’t care.  It’s all worth it knowing no one will ever dare touch this wanna-be-fat-girl’s food*.

*I easily could have made this a double-dip into the funny FRIENDS pool by including a clip of Joey.  Ah hell.  I’ll just go ahead a blow my load.



  1. nice blog, chaaooo ;)

    • And a thanks to you for visiting Webie World. I can’t always promise to wear pants and you might sometimes find rubber-based friends strewn about the floor, but, I can always promise to be honest in my oh-so-funny way.

  2. I think a club should be started for people who don’t share food very well, and maybe we can wear some badge. Because, really, some people just assume … and then they get offended when I freak out? I don’t think so.

  3. Oh and that’s a pretty good challenge with the relating life to friends … how about relating life to calvin and hobbes? (Fan of that?)

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